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The "Hardtail"


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price $99.99 saddles sold separately
The vintage "Hardtail" The "Raw-Deal" un-polished/un-plated.
price $99.99 saddles sold separately.
The vintage "Hardtail" chrome plated.


The "Six-Saddle set"


Six individual saddles machined from billet, and designed for the most important goal of all;  TONE! They are also designed for comfort, looks, and feel, mixing and matching materials for the best possible combinations. Also one custom set with your choice of any combination. Included are 12 stainless steel height screws, 6 stainless steel intonation screws, and 6 stainless steel intonation springs.

The "Off Set Screw" saddle set.
Saddles size  0.8040 X 0.4105 
price 89.99
 The off set screw "SOULTONE" six steel nickel plated saddles.
price 89.99
The off set screw "FATCAT" six nickel plated brass saddles.
price 89.99 T
The off set  "SOULTONE" six steel "Raw-Deal" saddles.
price 89.99
The off set "FATCAT" six "Raw-Deal"  brass saddles.
  Made in the USA
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