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Paper & Foil Tone Caps & Tone-Volume Pots

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Two "Speedking Tonemaster" 250k Volume/Tone pots/ Just the right amount of torque for smooth and even volume swells plus "KILLER TONE"!!! They have a 1/4" thread and 1/4" solid shaft. The torque and eased tension make for smooth and easy turning. Comes with two washers and nuts.
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Paper& Foil tone capacitor .05 MFD/100 VDC The taper is very slow going from highs to lows.
out of stock price $35.99 
Paper & Foil tone capacitor .1 MFD/200 VDC The taper is also very slow from highs to lows and will get a darker tone than the .05 Also works great for a wha-wha effect.
  Made in the USA
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